Do you want to feel better?

Do you want to have less pain?

Do you want to have hope that maybe someday you won't have to live with fibromyalgia anymore?

Actually, I don't even need to ask. I bet I know exactly what you want. You want:

- To have just one day with no pain
- to be able to work, pain free
- to get up in the morning and feel rested
- to have a clear head
- to never have to say the word flare again
- to go to family functions like normal people
- to go to the grocery store without having to take a nap
- to spend time with your kids AND cook dinner
- to feel good at the end of the day
- to feel good at the beginning of the day
- not to have burning skin pain
- not to have shooting or stabbing muscle pain
- to never have a headache again
- not to take any medications
- not need pills to sleep or pills to stay awake
- to feel happy
- to look forward to tomorrow
- to enjoy today
- to feel like you have something good to live for
- to feel like tomorrow will be better than today and next month will be better than that
- not to feel scared about your future health
- to not have to plan breaks into an ordinary day
- to be able to say yes to anything that sounds fun
- to stop explaining to family members that fibromyalgia is real
- people to stop talking behind your back
- doctors to treat you like a good and worthy person

Hi, I am Lisa. I believe that my book can help you achieve these desires. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia at 30 years old and today, at 40, I feel better than I ever have in my life. This is what I want for you. This is what I want for everybody who has been given a diagnosis of fibromyalgia.

Don't Believe a Word I Say about Fibromyalgia

I say don't believe a word I say about fibromyalgia, because most people who find relief after reading my book and following alternative paths like this one have already discovered on their own that the doctors can't help them, the pain medicines eventually stop working, and nothing else HELPS!

They already know there's no other choice than to fix the things that cause fibro FOR REAL, and my book just helps put everything together for them.

I honestly don't want to convince anybody that drugs and doctors and surgery are not the answer to the fibromyalgia. That's too hard. I want to help the people who are already CONVINCED figure out what to do now.

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Hi, I'm Lisa. It took me almost 6 years to feel 100% better. (I used to call myself cured, but these days I think it's more of a remission that I plan to make permanent - just changing my wording based on some research I read)

It took me so long because I did not stop the mental habits that led to fibro in the first place until year 4. Instead I just focused on healing my body so I was continuing to harm it as quickly as I healed it.

I believe that if I had known then what I know now ( which is exactly what I am sharing here) then I could have been way better in less than 2 years. Maybe even in a year or less.

I believe Fibromyalgia can be reversed or put into a serious and long-term, possibly permanent remission. Unfortunately, I believe that it is flat-out impossible to do this in a day, a week, or even a month.

I don't think there is a drug you can take or a supplement you can try or anything you can do or stop doing that will reverse something as SYSTEMIC as fibromyalgia in a day, week, or month.

I believe you could get hit on the head tonight, wake up with amnesia tomorrow, and not know who you are or anything about your pain or your issues or your life, and your body would still be a painful, glued-together, and chronically-tight mess.

But, you don't need to get amnesia. I feel 100% better from fibromyalgia, and I have written a book that lays out every technique, exercise, supplement, food, medicine, and habit that helped me do that.

You may not be able to get rid of Fibromyalgia pain in a day ...
but you can start to FEEL BETTER in just days. I'm sure of it.

And once you learn all the techniques in my book that help you FEEL BETTER, and make them a habit, you will KNOW how to relieve fibromyalgia pain in your own body. Eventually, you will feel so much BETTER, that you won't think you have fibromyalgia anymore.

How long? Well, I believe that depends on your body. The process is unique to everyone, depending on how long they've had fibromyalgia, what their resources and stressors are, and how their body responds to the process.

If you want to heal fibro in your body as quickly as possible (and you are willing to spend at least 15 minutes each day on a few simple, deliberate mental and physical exercises) then keep reading.

My ebook is

30 Days to Feel Better from Fibromyalgia

Proven pain-relieving and restorative techniques given in one-day-at-a-time nuggets

Just $7.97 for a digital ebook you download to your device

Or $14.99 for a physical book you buy at amazon

When I first wrote this book, it was 144 pages long, which I thought was way to long for anyone with fibromyalgia to sit at a computer and read. So I rewrote it. I rewrote every word and got rid of anything I thought wasn't absolutely essential. The problem was, this new book left out almost 3 full chapters.

So I wasn't happy with either book.

Then, I got the idea to break it up into segments that were short enough for anyone miserable from fibromyalgia to get through in a day. 1 to 5 pages max. And I thought I could introduce my best mental and physical exercises slowly, in a manner I knew would not result in more emotional in physical pain.

And that is how this current book was born. I am so in love with it. It explains everything I've learned about fibromyalgia in the last 6 years in a manner that I hope can help anyone feel better.

It is a digital book that can be downloaded instantly.

This Book is For You If You Can Answer Yes to Even One of the Following Questions

  • Have you tried many different medications to help with your pain only to find they either never worked or stopped working after a while so you keep having to switch?
  • Have you tried many different medications to help you sleep only to still lay awake at night listening to your mind go on and on?
  • Have you ever tried a fibromyalgia medication and then decided to end it only to find it was addictive and your doctor didn't tell you?
  • Are you strongly against taking any or another medication for fibromyalgia because you already know it will cause more problems than it solves?
  • Have you ever tried a fibromyalgia diet only to discover it didn't actually work for you, or you were unable to stick to it?
  • Are you staying sane and functioning only by taking a laundry list of medications that you'd rather not take but you are afraid to stop any of them because you really need to function?
  • Do you need to know what is really causing fibromyalgia in your body before you feel you have a hope of reversing it?

Honestly, in my opinion, most drugs are not going to help you reverse anything. In my experience, the only thing that really works is to change certain destructive habits (that almost everyone has - they are ingrained in our culture). And no, I am not talking about sitting up straight or taking frequent breaks or drinking more water.

You want to Become Happy, Hopeful, Relaxed, and Flexible: My Book Includes Numerous Strategies to Get You There. This is the Actual Table of Contents:

  • Introduction 9
  • The Four Main Messages of the Book 11
  • Main Principle: You Are the Authority on Your Healing 11
  • Day 1 – Supported Child's Stretch 12
  • How to Stretch to Maximize Healing 14
  • Bolsters for Restorative Stretching 15
  • The Stretch; Supported Child's Pose 16
  • Suggested Exercises for Day 1 17
  • Day 2 - So What Causes Fibro? 17
  • Sometimes Fibro Starts with an Illness … here's why 19
  • So What Clears Fibro? 20
  • Suggested Exercises for Day 2 21
  • Day 3 – Essential Ability #1 - Dismissing Thoughts 21
  • How To Dismiss Your Thoughts; An Exercise 23
  • Suggested Exercises for Day 3 24
  • Day 4; Fibromyalgia and Trigger Points 25
  • Suggested Exercises for Day 4 27
  • Day 5; Guaifenesin 28
  • Suggested Exercises for Day 5 30
  • Day 6; Nutrition 30
  • Carbohydrate-Induced Stress Chemicals and Carbohydrate-Intolerance 32
  • Controlling Blood Sugar is Very Important to Many Who Want to Feel Better 32
  • Suggested Exercises for Day 6 34
  • Day 7 – Simplify Your Life! 34
  • Suggested Exercises for Day 7 36
  • Day 8 – What About When I am In Pain? 37
  • Relaxing Into Your Pain 39
  • Suggested Exercises for Day 8 40
  • Day 9 – Twisting Child's Stretch 41
  • Suggested Exercises for Day 9 42
  • Day 10 – Peace and Ease 42
  • Suggested Exercises for Day 10 43
  • Day 11 – Your Emotions Indicate the State of Your Nervous System 44
  • The Role of an Overactive Nervous System in Keeping You Awake 45
  • The Nervous System in Overdrive 45
  • Feeling Safe Switches on Healing – Feeling Unsafe Puts Off Healing 46
  • Switching off the Nervous System Overdrive is a Gradual Process 47
  • Suggested Exercises for Day 11 48
  • Day 12 - How to Stop Laying Down Stress Chemicals and Train your Mind into Emotions that Heal 49
  • Suggested Exercises for Day 12 51
  • Day 13 – The Incredible Importance of Emotions 52
  • The Purpose of Emotions 56
  • How do Emotions Happen 57
  • Suggested Exercises for Day 13 58
  • Day 14 - You Can Feel Good Again 58
  • Suggested Exercises for Day 14 65
  • Day 15 – Active Release Signaling 65
  • Suggested Exercises for Day 15 67
  • Day 16 - Work Recovery Period 68
  • Body Scan 69
  • Suggested Exercises for Day 16 70
  • Day 17 – Supported Forward Fold 70
  • Suggested Exercises for Day 17 72
  • Day 18 – Choose to Believe the Good 73
  • The Faith Factor Is … 74
  • How I Used the Faith Factor 75
  • The Everyday, Detailed Ways I Used the Faith Factor to Relax and Allow Healing 75
  • Suggested Exercises for Day 18 78
  • Day 19 – Heat Therapy 79
  • Suggested Exercises for Day 19 81
  • Day 20 – the Basic Recommended Stretches 81
  • Yoga Therapy Prescriptions 83
  • Suggested Exercises for Day 20 85
  • Day 21 – It's All In Your Head? 85
  • Suggested Exercises for Day 21 89
  • Day 22 - The Mind Body Connection 89
  • More States that Can Cause Fibro 91
  • And One More: Not Being Able to Say NO 93
  • Suggested Exercises for Day 22 95
  • Day 23 - That Horrible Burning-Searing Sensation on the Skin 95
  • Important Information about Fascia 96
  • Suggested Exercises for Day 23 97
  • Day 24 - Deep Breathing Exercise 98
  • Suggested Exercises for Day 24 100
  • Day 25 – Let's Talk About Sleep 100
  • My Sleep Tips and Tricks 101
  • Dismissing Negative Thoughts – allowing rest even if I'm not asleep 102
  • Sound Sleep, Sound Mind 104
  • How do I process emotions in a healthy way? 107
  • Nasal Strips for Better Sleeping 108
  • Suggested Exercises for Day 25 109
  • Day 26 – Choose to Be Happy 109
  • Exercise #2: 2 For 1 Thoughts 110
  • Exercise #3: Choose to Be Happy 111
  • Exercise #4: Focus on Wellness 113
  • Suggested Exercises for Day 26 114
  • Day 27 - Stretching to Heal Fibromyalgia 115
  • Stretching as an “Interest” 115
  • How Much Stretching is Enough? – Your Body Will Tell You! 116
  • New Stretch – Legs up Wall or Legs on Couch 117
  • Frog up the Wall Stretch 119
  • Stretch 2-3: Legs Wide up Wall 119
  • Stretch 2-4, Intense Hips Stretch 120
  • Stretch 2-5; Twist up wall to each side 120
  • Suggested Exercises for Day 27 121
  • Day 28 - Unlearn What You've Learned about Stretching 122
  • Stretching any Part will Benefit your Whole Body 122
  • Stretching – What Muscles to Stretch First 123
  • When to Stretch 124
  • A Note about the Need to Start Gently and Let Your Body Guide You in Every Stretch 124
  • Suggested Exercises for Day 28 125
  • Day 29 – Exactly How to Stretch for Healing; an Explanation of Non-Supported Stretching 126
  • Emotional Responses from Stretching 130
  • The Body Releases in Layers 131
  • Suggested Exercises for Day 29 131
  • Day 30 – Given that a Person Lives Long Enough, We Will All Develop Fibromyalgia 132
  • Reason 1 we have fibro symptoms now: 133
  • Reason 2 we have fibro symptoms now: 134
  • Reason 3 we have fibro symptoms now 135
  • Here's where the Stress Chemicals Come In 136
  • Suggested Exercises for Day 30 139
  • Day 31 - How to Heal Trigger Points, Stress Chemical Buildup, and Scar Tissue from your Muscles 140
  • Trigger Points Refer Pain to Other Areas: Why No One Knows About Trigger Points! 141
  • Trigger Point Massage: So Incredibly Effective I want to get the Message out to Everyone! 142
  • How to Learn Trigger Point Massage 144
  • Trigger Point Massage and Pain and Treating Fibro Muscles 145
  • Trigger Point Therapy, An Example 146
  • Suggested Exercises for Day 31 149
  • Day 32 - My Most Noteable Trigger Point Experiences that May be Unique to Fibromyalgia-Type Syndromes 150
  • Alternative Trigger Point Treatment Methods 154
  • The Miracle Ball Method 154
  • The Self Trigger-Point Relaxation Method 156
  • Never Give Up! Nurture Faith in the Process! 158
  • My Recommendations Regarding Self Trigger Point Healing 158
  • Suggested Exercises for Day 32 159
  • Day 33 – Can Your Doctor Help You Reverse Fibromyalgia? 159
  • Some Doctors Don't Even Know Trigger Points Exist! 160
  • The Healing System 161
  • My Own Experiences with Doctors being Unable or Unwilling to Help Me 162
  • How to Find an Effective Doctor 163
  • Suggested Exercises for Day 33 164
  • Day 34 - The Healing System of your Body and How to Activate It 164
  • Positive Emotions Can Both Indicate the Processes that your Specific and Unique Body Needs to Heal and Start and Perpetuate that Healing Process 165
  • Supporting the Healing System 165
  • Seek Out Laughter 166
  • My Recommendations to Activate Your Healing System 168
  • Suggested Exercises for Day 34 168
  • Day 35 - Bodywork For Healing 169
  • You Can't Pick One Style of Bodywork and Do that Forever 170
  • It is a Lot of Work, But … 171
  • Why Does Bodywork Work? What Does it Do? 172
  • Suggested Exercises for Day 35 174
  • Day 36 - What's Good About Fibro, OR, How I Learned to Love my Fibromyalgia 174
  • The Promise of a Young Body, Even into 'Maturity' 174
  • Reversing My Flat Feet 175
  • Decreasing Other Pain in My Life 176
  • And then, the Happiness Factor 176
  • I Simplified my Life to Cope, and the Changes Have Stuck, Allowing me More Time for Me 177
  • My Overall Health Has Improved 178
  • The Overall Sum of What has Changed for Me 178
  • Suggested Exercises for Day 36 178
  • Day 37 – Wrapping Up (and typing with armrests) 179
  • Turning on Life 180
  • The Toolbox of Exercises Recommended in this Book 184

In my Experience, the happier you get, the better your body will feel, and the better your body feels, the happier you will get. It's like the vicious circle of fibromyalgia pain and fatigue getting worse because of itself, but in reverse!

If you are ready to get off the medication merry-go-round and finally feel better, this book is the answer to what you have been looking for: A natural, proven method to feel better fom fibromyalgia pain and fatigue and even related diseases like candida (I had it), restless leg (had it), irritable bowel (had it), and even to help you get your life back, better than before!

I feel better today than I have ever remember feeling in my life, and because of going through fibromyalgia, being stuck not being able to do anything, and managing to heal fibromyalgia with these methods, I have really been able to release my fears, biases, preconceived notions, and angers. And when your life is free of these things, your life can't help but be filled with their opposites! You seek out enthusiasm, create joy, and find laughter. Oh, and it's so much easier to do when your body doesn't hurt anymore.

Do You Need to Keep Working Even Through Fibromyalgia Pain and Fatigue?

Yeah, so did I. All of my techniques will help you keep working, but the ones on pages 65, 68, and 69 are specifically designed to help you relax and repair after a day of work, so you feel better and more capable the next day - not wrung out and worse.

Is there a Guarantee?

Absolutely! A LIFETIME guarantee.

If you don't feel better within 30 days I'll give you your money back.

If you don't like it for any reason, EVER, I'll give you your money back. My fulfillment company will process a refund to your credit card for up to 8 weeks. If you decide you don't like it after that time, I will paypal you a refund out of my own account - no questions asked.

So What Do Others Have to Say About the Book?

Hayley says

Good afternoon Lisa
I just want to say that reading your book has been very comforting to me, I have had fibro for over a year now and thought my life was pretty much over.
After reading your book and just a few days after the stretches I felt immediately better.
Also the part about simplifying your life and dismissing thoughts is very useful to me.
I had no idea what fibro was but all what you have written makes perfect sense and looking back my system was in complete and utter overdrive and never got the time to heal.
I am still practising your methods but wanted you to know out of everything I have tried, your book has been the most beneficial.

my reply:
Hi Hayley, thank you SO MUCH. For some reason I don't hear a ton of success stories - or at least not as many as I would like. Can I use this on my site? I will use only your first name and not include anything else like email, etc.

Hi Lisa
Yes no problem you can use it! I’m surprised you don’t hear more success stories! It has only been a few weeks and I feel so much happier already! I think I got to a point where my system was in so much overdrive I got OCD and would make lists for nearly everything which was not good as I always had lists which meant I always had stuff to do and when I did not get it done I felt disappointed. I no longer make lists and have let all of that go, let my mind remind myself. I also now have joined my local Yoga class with my husband, we are both very much enjoying it!

my reply:
Oh how wonderful!!! I don't know that many people are as willing to give up the old ways as you are ;) Lisa (and thank you!)


Ok I think you are on to something here. My skin on the back of my leg has been burning since I have been off the meds. So i skipped ahead to the burning skin chapter. Amazing I found the hooved up and tight muscle on the front of my shin, I put some massage oil on it and the burning has stopped. I am amazed. The muscle is in a knot, that you can feel. More people need to read this!!!! Your saying "Yes Jill"... I will keep on going, have a big hike on the Appalachian trail planned and it will be 30 miles in 4 days. Not that I'll be cured by then, but well on my way!!! Thanks a bunch!!!!

and my response

YAY YAY YAY YAY :) I am so glad :) the way I see it, 95% of my job is convincing people that their fascia is their problem, because before me they may never have heard of fascia. Once you are convinced, you can fix most of your own issues if you just know how. I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU :) You can do 30 miles in 4 days - that's no problem. You'll be sore afterwards but you'll know how to fix it !!!!

Dear Lisa, I just have to say that the way you have written your book and paced it out is great!! I think it is encouraging to know that all the small things that I do today can eventually add up and get me healthy.

The one thing that I have found so frustrating with going to seek help, with western doctors, and even the alternative practitioners, is many of them think I can just make changes over night. The last woman I saw, who was a natruopath, told me I should go out and walk 30 minutes a day. She didn't get that it was hard enough for me to just get out of bed and take a shower. Because you have been there and understand, you realize that some of us need smaller steps than others to get started. These insignificant movements to others, are, for me, a great starting point at which to begin and build upon.

I started doing some of the breathing and relaxing, from the toes to the head. To my amazement, I was so relaxed that I fell asleep before I could finish, and awoke with less pain than I have in a long time. I really try to not take medication unless things get absolutely unbearable, and I think this simple technique will help tremendously.

Your book has such a positive message that gets me so excited and I want you to know how much this connection has meant to me. It has created a spark inside of me, and I just want to say thank you.

Renee C. U.S.

Hi Lisa, I have to tell you something amazing that you were part of. I already told you that I'd done an exercise last night about receiving the answer that i needed in my quest to rid myself of the tingling. I just now read the the info on focusing of wellness that you suggested and it is EXACTLY the answer I needed right now. Thank you!

Joan J. U.S.

Hi Lisa, I just wanted to let you know that I am still in the process of reading you book and finding so many helpful bits and pieces. I know it has only been a short time since I have begun reading your book, but I am embracing the small successes with great excitement. It has been so long since I have felt improvement or relief without the use of drugs.

Mindy K. U.S.

I just bought your Ebooks and wanted to thank you for sharing what you've learned. I don't have fibromyalgia, but have been diagnosed with adrenal fatigue, which I've been struggling with for ten years now. I had a light bulb moment when I read your thoughts about an over active nervous system being the cause of these disorders. It definitely had the ring of truth to it! I look forward to reading the rest of the information.
Marie, Hawaii

My ebook is

30 Days to Feel Better from Fibromyalgia

Proven pain-relieving and restorative techniques given in one-day-at-a-time nuggets

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This ebook is full of answers that you need to know if you have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Your doctor most likely doesn't know them, and there is nowhere else that they are all compiled in one place.


If you get my book now, you will also get the following as my gift to you:

The Guaifenesin Protocol; an Outline for You and Your Doctor

The guaifenesin protocol is a way to reverse fibromyalgia that I talk about in my book. It has worked for many people, including me.

If you are considering the guai protocol, this outline was written by me as an introduction to where to find all you need to know. It also details my experience with it and my opinion of it.

Also, if your doctor doesn't want to read about it, this outline covers all the basics of the protocol including why it works, how it works, starting doses, what in your everyday life can stop it from working, and how to tell if it's working.

It's meant to facilitate an opening discussion between you and your doctor.

My ebook is

30 Days to Feel Better from Fibromyalgia

Proven pain-relieving and restorative techniques given in one-day-at-a-time nuggets

Just $7.97