Burning Skin Sensation in Fibromyalgia; What Is It?

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So, if you’ve felt this burning skin sensation, you know what I’m talking about.  When your skin feels too painful to touch.  When it feels like the area is burning and super-sensitive.

Read to the bottom to see my video I made :)

Denervation: In my experience, this is due to denervation of an area.  In my experience denervation is when a muscle or muscle group loses communication with the main nerve that serves it.  The nerve is most likely squeezed in between tight, swollen muscles and fascia and so it loses its ability to communicate with the brain.

Super Sensitive Nerves: When this happens, every tiny nerve in the area becomes super-sensitive so as to pick up any signal from the brain that it can.  This is actually a good thing because we can continue to function, but a bad thing because it is so painful.

Treatment is to relax the muscles: Treatment is simple: get the muscle and fascia to relax is usually enough short term.  Get the muscle and fascia and tissues to heal long term.  Every word I write in this site is for the end result of getting muscles and fascia to heal long and short term.  There are many ways to do it.

It may take a day for the muscle to relax long enough for the nerves to calm down.

Where is the nerve problem: How do you know which muscle group to work on?  Just work on the muscle group directly ‘above’ the denervation and see what happens.  Does it indeed feel tight?  Does stretching or bodywork recreate the pain to some degree?  Then you are probably in the right spot.  J

 If not, you can keep feeling around to see what else farther above or off to either side or just below may be the culprit.  The more you work on your body, the more you will get a sense of where the cause is.

Denervation does not happen to healthy tissues: The more you work on your body, the less denervation you will get.  Eventually, it won’t happen at all.

I made this video on a day I was having burning skin on my forearm.

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2 thoughts on “Burning Skin Sensation in Fibromyalgia; What Is It?

  1. Have you ever heard of vulvodynia? It is classified as a disease or issue all in itself, but personally, I think it is caused by the same thing as most of fibromyalgia pain; entrapped nerves, trigger points, and constricted fascia somewhere; most likely in the lower abdomen, psoas muscles, and maybe intra-pelvic muscles.

    I never had that symptom, but in the book What your Doctor may not tell you about Fibromyalgia, they talk about it, and they say that guaifenisin clears it up just like all the other fibro symptoms.

    I’ll bet that self-trigger point massage and restorative stretching could also be effective.


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