Does Fasting Help Fibromyalgia?

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I tried to fast a few times in years six and seven of my recovery. I was unsuccessful. I could never go more than 24 hours without eating anything. I recently got this message from a reader though:

I found your site because I just started an ‘eat, fast, live’ 2 day a week intermittent fasting regiment with very interesting results. On the day of the fast… no IBS, no gas, no leg and hip pain (a big issue for me) and no back pain. I was so afraid of getting a headache and I did not. I am amazed. I am using juicer on fasting days and also drinking coconut water

how amazing is that? All she did was not eat solid food and her pain goes away! So why would this be. I have some guesses.

My first guess is that if she has irritable bowel syndrome, which it sounds like she does, digesting food puts a strain on her body that causes a ripple effect of stress that causes her pain.

My next guess is that it’s actually an organ within her digestive system that is causing the pain to be referred to her hip and leg. Maybe she has a hernia that she doesn’t know about and food causes pressure on the hernia that gives her pain.

My last guess is that fasting equals rest for her body. for me, finding a way to rest beyond sleep was very important in discovering how to relax enough to alleviate my pain.

The original emailer read this and wrote me back and said this:

A few points of clarification. I am only doing intermittent fasting (2 days a week for no more than 24 hours at a pop). I find it most effective and route of less pain to fast from 8 PM the night before until 8 PM the second day. I know that I don’t have a hernia beause I am very active; however, i noticed that certain food combinations cause havoc within my body. I suspect that not eating clears the system out and allows the body to not use energy to heal rather than digest.

Now if you read any of my stuff you know that I say most pain in your body is caused by trigger points in your muscles and an overall tightness in your muscles so how could fasting help trigger points?

Honestly, I don’t know if fasting could help trigger points and the man who wrote the trigger point manual says that nothing will help trigger points except for frequent massage. However, the only trigger points that cause pain are active trigger points and latent or asleep trigger points just sit in there waiting to be stressed out to cause pain, they usually don’t cause pain themselves. So maybe juice fasting is enough for her to her points to go latent for the day.

Anyway, has anyone else tried fasting for fibromyalgia? What kind of results did you see? Do you have any guesses as to why it helped or didn’t? I am really interested in hearing from you.

p.s. … after looking up this Eat, Fast, Live I am going to try it myself!!!! :)

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12 thoughts on “Does Fasting Help Fibromyalgia?

  1. I didn’t fast until now because I’m underweight and this worries me, but I’ve been following the natural hygiene system, which includes water fasting for one to three weeks. I have fibromyalgia for 8 years and since I’ve been on a low fat organic raw vegan diet (green juices and fruits) all the time for 3 months now, my IBS is gone, my perpetual gastritis is getting better, my energy levels are increadible and my mood is great… Everyone is asking me what’s happening. I think everyone with FMS should try reading the 80-10-10 Diet by Douglas Graham and Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s by David Klein.

  2. I read the article about fasting I think this could be my problem I have had galbladder problems I did a cleanse about a year ago my right leg is been hurting a lot even my right arm my back and feet I will give it ashot n the fasting and will do another cleanse and keep you posted

  3. Yes, yes, yes! Fasting definitely relived my pain and fatigue. I believe food allergies/intolerences are the culprit, or at least, a big contributor to my issues. After a two day diet of only raw fruits and vegetables, my pain level went from an 8 to 0. After that I eliminated sugar and wheat products, and keep dairy to a minimum. And found a substantial difference in my pain, fatigue and mental clarity. I visited my iridologist and had him do an allergy test on me and it showed an intolerance to wheat, whole wheat, gluten and soy. Bingo!

    Another clue to this discovery was the relief I found after taking Benadryl. My body felt so calm. This led to me thinking that a may be allergic to something. I’ve done a tremendous amount of research on this and found that “leaky gut” could be one thing I’m dealing with. So far, so good, and so, so much better. I’m only about 6 weeks into this new ‘diet’ and I’ve been able to begin an exercise routine that has helped me regain some strength. Before, just a simple walk around the block would wear me out and make me super sore. I am thinking more clearly, almost pain free and a whole lot less lethargic, not near as sore and way less restless leg issues. I’ve been suffering for over 25 years with my symptoms, and they have only gotten progressively worse and the years went by.

    So, research ‘food allergies’, ‘food intolerances’, and ‘leaky gut.’ Hope this helps someone.

  4. Well, this fasting is interesting for me too. I have not intentionally fasted, but I have been hospitalized twice in the last two years (once for jaw surgery and once for septic pneumonia) and did not eat for three days each time. I felt terrible because of those reasons ,but amazingly I had no fibro pain or typical fatigue. My foggy head and ear-ringing went away also. I felt good in this respect for about two or three days after the hospital fasts. I would intentionally fast often if i did not have low blood sugar and wasn’t such a lightweight.

    • I actually don’t think that you need to fast. I think that people who don’t have pain when they are not eating have issues with either wheat or dairy or soy or something like that and maybe you should just try eliminating highly allergenic foods. And see if that helps. Also if you have low blood sugar than going on a low carb diet should eliminate those symptoms. it’s the insulin and then adrenaline swings that cause those symptoms and if you eat to avoid insulin and adrenaline swings then that shouldn’t happen anymore. You would need to find a doctor to advise you who is not a mainstream Dr. Most of them just recommend medication for low blood sugar and diabetes for some reason.

  5. I often times get this odd pain/tightness in my throat and top of my mouth after eating a big meal along with upper chest/rib discomfort. I am new to all of this; as I just have started these symptoms a few months ago after losing a job and starting a new job. At first I thought I was having a heart attack, but my chest discomfort is muscular/skeletal. My chest hurts to the touch as if I have bruises everywhere. The most annoying symptom is the pain/tightness in my throat. I read that fibro affects the bones in your throat. Whatever it is it is both scary and very debilitating. I feel like I am losing my mind because I never know when it will start.

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