Fibromyalgia and ADHD

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I am having some interesting thoughts about fibromyalgia and ADHD. I am reading the book Scattered by Gabor Mate, someone I highly respect ever since I read his book Hold on to your Kids and in the book he says two things about ADHD that make me think it can be related to fibromyalgia.

1) It is more likely in people that are sensitive (I have already discussed here how I am very sensitive and I believe many others with fibro are too)

2) What is affected in people with ADHD is the autonomous nervous system, and this nervous system also controls how tight your muscles are – they “set the baseline tension levels for voluntary muscles”

Interesting yes? I have always known that I tend to hold my muscles very tight, and this is something that I now pay a great amount of attention to – trying to relax more and not hold so much tension.

Thanks to this book, I now also know that I have ADHD. I was never “diagnosed” with it because I don’t have hyperactivity, but then lots of girls don’t.

Not that I care about a diagnosis, but it does help me to know this in many ways.

So tension … why is that important? I believe that muscle tension can create and definitely worsens fibro in a couple of ways.

1) When our muscles are tense, metabolic waste and stress chemicals get trapped in them and this can create pain, especially when you have 30 years of trapped waste and chemicals like I did. Tension creates trapped crap and trapped crap creates more tension.

2) When our muscles are tense and overused trigger points can be created, and trigger points were a HUGE part of my fibromyalgia. I spent years clearing them.

and one more

3) When our muscles are tense, our mind is tense – an anxious mind and tense body feed each other in ways we probably don’t even realize. And anxiety definitely worsens much about fibromyalgia. It sure did for me.

So back to ADHD – guess what the author of scattered says it is caused by? This is a very simplistic version of what he says in the book but basically, a sensitivity in the child combined with an absent-ness in the mother figure for whatever reason.

My oldest son has ADHD, and my absent-ness was caused because I had fibro, and I hadn’t healed from my abusive childhood.

I was never abusive towards my son, but I was never 100% there either. I have a newborn right now (9 years later) and I have a very good feeling that we will be able to side-step ADHD with this one, even though his dad and I, and his older brother all have ADHD.

Everything is so different this time. I’ve done 9 years of healing, and I am much more present and happy with this baby than I was with his brother.

So what’s the fix for an adult with ADHD and fibromyalgia who doesn’t want to have either anymore?

I still tend towards tense muscles, and I still show ADHD symptoms sometimes, but my fibro is gone. This website is 100% about all the things I did to stop the fibromyalgia pain. One thing I don’t mention often, because I’m not sure how much it helped is that I did Holosync too.

The holosync company might be out of business now, but basically it’s a cd that you listen too that puts your brain into a different state then it usually is in. This is supposed to heal it.

What’s interesting about this, is that the book I am talking about says that ADHD is a brain development issue – that the pre-frontal cortex (or something – I didn’t look back in the book to confirm this) is under-developed because of the absent mother figure – the infant was lacking in interactions that would have developed this part of the brain more.

So, can you heal your brain with Holosync or something like it? And will this in turn allow your muscles to be more relaxed on a minute to minute basis?

All interesting to think about. …. especially when you consider that I believe guaifenesin works to cure fibromyalgia because it relaxes the muscles ….

So, what about you? Do you believe you have ADHD? Have you ever used a meditation CD? Do you think fibro and ADHD are related?

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2 thoughts on “Fibromyalgia and ADHD

  1. Hey Lisa,
    That is very interesting reading indeed. I am bipolar with fibromyalgia which is getting better each day. I was not absent with my oldest child in any way and he is autistic with ADHD. I think it’s just a brain malfunction due to the abuse I suffered at the hand of his bio dad and his crazy friends at the time. He is healing and doing very well. Most people don’t even know he has these issues. Second, i have a best friend who has been 100% present and involved with her children. The middle child has ADHD. I think the absent mom theory is just that-a theory. I do not think that it causes ADHD. I think all of this stuff could be a malfunction in the nervous system. It seems to be the case with me and many others. I do think seeking out all ways of healing and considering all things is worthy though. I agree that both parents need to be completely there for their children as much as they can. I also seek the creator’s wisdom instead of looking completely to mankind as well. Of course, I do enjoy reading others thoughts on these subjects at any rate. Add them all together and healing will most certainly take place. Thank you so very much for sharing your thoughts with us on this subject. I do enjoy your sites and insights very much, Lisa. *gentle hugs*

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