Fibromyalgia caused by Tooth Extractions or Birth control pills?

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Fibromyalgia is extremely complex, and I don’t think any one thing *causes* it.

However, sometimes I run into interesting correlations that I would like to explore further.

A few months back a friend told me that she thought her fibromyalgia was caused by hormone imbalances after years
of taking birth control pills.

Interesting! Because I also took birth control pills for
many years.

Also interesting because one of the reported benefits of
yoga is balancing of hormones, and yoga was one of the
major ways I got better.(I started with restorative yoga)

Today, I read that another friend of mine discovered that
her chronic fatigue syndrome was caused in part by
4 tooth extractions as a child.

Interesting! Because I also had 4 teeth pulled as a child.

My assumptions regarding tooth extractions would be that
both the physical act of having it done and the great
trauma and pain and tension associated with it would set up
trigger points in the jaw and neck and face.

Neck trigger points are the worst. worst. worst. worst.

And the fascia that covers the jaw muscles also covers
the neck muscles. Poking holes in jaw fascia (with novocaine
needles) could easily set up lines of scar tissue that
could start pulling funny on neck fascia.

So, my questions for you are:

Did you take birth control pills?

Did you have teeth extracted or much dental work done?

There are currently a few hundred people on this list.

I would love to hear from everyone. I will compile the
results and send them out.

It won’t prove anything, but it will be another notch
of knowledge in our belt.

If you just joined my list recently, you may be getting
this after the first time I ever sent it out.

That’s cool – I’d still like to hear from you. I’ll
just keep a running tally of comments I get and
sometimes post to let everyone know the updates.


So far, here’s the results from everyone who has responded

Total: 20
Never took birth control pills or had dental work: 1
Took Birth control pills: 9
Had Dental Work: 16
Took Pills and Had Dental work: 9

There is nothing scientific about this, and there is a good chance that most of the people who didn’t respond did not ever have lots of dental work or take birth control pills, and that’s why they didn’t bother to respond.

I did have one person say that she had the worst continuing pain after back fusion surgery – maybe that should be my next question. Have you ever had surgery?

new answers coming in about surgery

respondents 2

had surgery 2

had surgery, took pills, and dental work 3

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22 thoughts on “Fibromyalgia caused by Tooth Extractions or Birth control pills?

  1. hey Lisa,

    i just wanted to mention what i have read about about dental work and cfs. I have read a few different things 1) sometimes when the dental work is done, it creates an infection in the mouth, gums crown etc that goes un-noticed and the body has to try to heal it, yet the infection still lingers thus lowering the immune system enough triggering cfs (which may or may not have been brewing before the dental work). Also, if the dental work involved mercury fillings, this could also contribute to cfs and fms, having caused a toxicity, secondary candida etc etc. Often times ant small surgery can trigger fibromylgia when they body is already is in a state of imblalance.
    oh also as you know- i have taken bcp’s
    ive also had tones of dental work done in my life

  2. Never really took bcp but had 2 wisdom teeth pulled in Oct and 6 more upper teeth in Nov to be fitted for my dentures. was diagnosed with cfs and fm in january

  3. I believe surgery caused my fibromyalgia as it was botched hysterectomy and I had another three ops to try and rectify the damage to no avail. I have massive adhesions with damage nerves and I tried to sue. This has destroyed my quality of life I have done research with botched surgery and other people have fibro as well..

  4. I’ve been wondering about the birth control pill connection because I used them for many years. I’m hoping studies on this relationship are being done. Although the doctor is speculating Lyme disease instead of fibro for me.

    • My friend was diagnosed with fibro and later they decided Lyme’s, so I’ve heard of it happening. good luck to you! Lisa

  5. in my case the ANESTHESIA IN SURGERY caused Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndroe and Chemical Multiple Sensitivity, my neurologist confirmed that it was from toxicity from anesthesia and the Health Service for medicine information told me that my symptoms were from toxicity from Mepivacaine. I asked my hospital what anesthesia they employed with me and they told me local anesthesia Mepivacaine. I am going to sue them because there is not doubt about it and several doctors confirmed that.

    A friend of mine after giving birth with epidural developped multiple sclerosis and another girl my sister knows started having the same symptoms after delivery with epidural. I wonder if many more people have been poissoned like me with anesthesia.

    Has anyone a similar situation?


    • My fibro went crazy shortly after an epidural. I never thought to even think about the epidural though, because I had had symptoms since I was a teenager. I more felt like this had all been building, building, building forever and my pregnancy was just the icing on the cake that made everything as bad as it could get.

      Based on my understanding of fibromyalgia, I would not blame the drug – I would blame the slicing of the tissues, and everything else I blame on my website. I could see how a drug could be a contributing factor though. Lisa

  6. YES-bc pills
    YES-4 adult teeth pulled local anesthesia plus surgery to remove 4 wisdom teeth in the gum (with anesthesia)
    Mine started immediately after I returned to work after a total hysterectomy which started my hormones going crazy. I arrived there and someone was waiting in front of my office who was very angry at me (easily sorted situation) but I must have tensed every nerve in my body when I saw her sitting there and BOOM! There went my whole life…. Never a normal minute since then.

  7. I am approx 50 years old, have taken BCP’s the majority of my adult life and have had numerous fillings, extractions (from braces when I was 13 years old) and 5 crowns. The funny thing is – I made the comment to my husband – the two times I stopped taking the BCP – I felt OVERWHELMING relief from the Fibro symptoms! I have began my latest time of not taking them – approx began June 2012 and feel like a new woman! I am going to stay off them and see what happens. My husband got the big V so we don’t have to worry about pregnancy anymore ;-) and I definitely feel like the BCP played a big part in my pain and several symptoms.

    • interesting. I have heard of this before. I have 4 root canals and did improve greatly so I can’t believe this is the only answer. :) Lisa

  8. I think I have had Fibro for years. just now figuring out why all the mystery pain, horrible IBS, depression, fatigue, cognative problems etc. Have Kaiser insurance. They seem to laugh below their breath when I mention lately that if they look into their own records over the years at the huge number of complaints of pain followed by numerous tests with no findings whatsoever of a source or, cause of the pain, thus no treatment, it should speak for its self with no further testing and pointless trips to the Dr, etc. Anyway, I am 40 yrs old, used to be smart, now almost constantly in pain and “FOG”. I took BC pills from age 15 to 25. about a yr ago I began having a new mystery pain coming from my upper jaw. went back and forth to Dr then dentist, had probably 3 or 4 different procedures. none helpfull, meantime pain became worse. finally I insisted the dentist pull a wisedom tooth. no improvement, however had muscle spasm that pinched nerves, which seemed to transfer facial pain to neck, shoulder etc. After horrific 2 1/2 month struggle w that pain, facial pain slowly returned. Insisted another tooth be pulled at least to rule out dental problems. Pain continued to worsen and again muscle spasms in neck causing pinched nerve on the right side now. I have about 18 of 20 symptoms of Fibro yet I keep getting juggled through the system. Im sick of Dr.s, tests, copays and “trying” medications. And I AM SICK of feeling like people think Im a hypochandriac or I just want attention. I WANT none of this! But why cant my DR.s get it together and give the peace of mind of a Fibro diagnosis?!

    • Some doctors are pretty scared of a fibro diagnoses I guess. … OR I wonder if they are supposed to because of the possibility of disability payments? Not sure. Lisa

  9. I took birth control pills for many years in my teens and early twenties.

    Additionally I took two doses of the morning after pill at the beginning of this year and have seem many of my symptoms return since then.

    I also had many teeth (more than 4) extracted as a child.

  10. Hi, thanks for your website! My story is long like most. My symptoms began nine years ago when pregnant with third child and a lot of stress. First chronic insomnia and intermittent neck and back pain. Finally, four years later and after fourth child, I went to hormone specialist to get help for insomnia. I was placed on bio identical hormones. They helped a whee bit with sleep but sapped any remaining energy I had. Then the dr. Decided to try me on thyroid med. TOTALLY FLIPPED my system out! I’ve had chronic pain, fatigue, and MCS ever since (5 years now). During this time I had braces and ended up getting double jaw surgery. Talk about a crazy decision. With hormones crazy and brain foggy, I thought this might help with sleep and jaw issues. But much worse.
    Present day: I have altered my diet much – low carbs. I take meds. For sleep and pain, plus still on low dose hormones. I have tried to ween off the hormones – but then I absolutely can’t sleep and have menopausal symptoms. I guess this leads to my question finally – have you heard of a good protocol for balancing hormones naturally and weening off bio ident hormones? I believe hormone imbalance is a big part of my issues plus nervous system in overdrive. Thank you for all your info! I plan to get your book and hope to implement many of your strategies.

    • Hi Bonnie,

      you know I never messed around with hormones and have not researched them much and I don’t know anything about it. Your story is fascinating though. I personally believe that the body can moderate its own hormones to some degree with stress relief, yoga, and healing and I just wonder if weaning yourself off will come as you get healthier. I would look for some books specifically on the subject? Have you ever found any? Lisa

  11. I had teeth extracted when I was younger.I was in a car accident and had whiplash and received chiropractic treatments for 2 weeks.I’ve had 3 surgeries 1 to shorten my eye muscles.I had lazy eyes and 2 bunionectomies.I’ve also had a colonoscopy and mmany-rays a full body scan with dye and 2 eechocardiogram and carotid artery dollar.

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