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This is an email question I received from a reader – he gave me permission to post it.

I found your website about fibro through the Abe Forum. I am 32 and I have widespread trigger points – thousands of them. I had a troubled childhood and I’m also a sensitive person who can get fearful and anxious a lot.

I don’t know whether I have fibromyalgia. I tell people I have myofascial pain syndrome. I have trouble doing household chores, I can’t exercise, my lower back is stiff as a board, etc, etc.

I bought the trigger point workbook you recommend several years ago. But I get terribly frustrated with myself when I try the tennis ball technique. It’s as if I have a very awkward relationship with my body where I tense up when I try to work on it. And I can never get the pressure of the tennis ball right. I usually hurt more next day. I also get frustrated because there are TONS of trigger points and it seems like a hopeless task to tackle them all.

I have tried progressive relaxation, and that does relieve my lower back pain when I wake up next day. But I’m not sure if relaxation ALONE can heal trigger points.

I have some “self-sabotage” tendencies where I tend to make things much harder for myself as a form of self torture. I honestly believe it’s possible to cure this condition EASILY with a certain mindset or a way of looking at things. It seems the more I search for answers, the more frustrated I get, and the worse the condition feels. Sometimes I feel that just loving myself more would cure it, if that makes any sense.

I am very good around people – empathic, gentle, understanding, etc – but I’m also afraid of them. This fear is not obvious to others, but I feel my body tensing up out in public. I think these trigger points are a manifestation of fear, trying to please others, being too responsible, having stressful thoughts, etc.

I would really appreciate any advice on how I can escape this whole mess in a “downstream” Abraham kind of way. Do you think daily full body relaxation would really help me? I can’t currently afford massage, though I am willing to try the tennis ball technique again if only I could master it!!

Your whole post resonated with me. :) You sound like my twin brother :) And you know about Abraham :) well, that’s the key there, to really find a way to believe Abraham that all is well, no matter what. …. sigh. It was really hard for me in the beginning, and I still have many sticking points, but there is a very good chance that you need to find some anger and revenge. I don’t mean act on any revenge, but I had a couple of episodes of just SCREAMING FITS that I brought on myself as a way to feel anger and revenge against the man who hurt me so much when I was little.

As much as I had bravado and put on a brave front, I discovered that I was still scared of this man … or rather that the fear from my childhood was still stuck inside my body and I had to find a way to move it .. to allow it to release.

I recommend the book Waking the Tiger by Peter Levine – it helped me move from stuck fear to raging anger. Once I truly found raging anger, everything became a little easier for me. It’s a process. Here I am 6 or 7 years later, and I still work on something every day … but I also don’t hardly hurt and I feel true joy frequently – maybe every day even :) it’s really wonderful. Before I found Abraham, I don’t know if I had ever felt true joy. It’s very sweet.

Occassionally these days I can even find some higher emotions when thinking about this man … :) unthinkable in the old days.

Another thing I see from your post is that when you are in public you put on an inauthentic face, in order to behave in ways that you believe you should. You are going to have to find your way out of this. It’s hurting you. This is still an issue for me often too, but I am getting better. When I am at my friend’s house and her dad comes over and starts belittling people, I go into the bathroom until he leaves :) She knows why I do it.

I try to be honest with my husband, about all my feelings even about hard issues – this means I have to be honest and CLEAR with myself first. this may take some time to get clear sometimes. I stay out of situations that I know I won’t enjoy – like family reunions, large crowds, etc.

I think these trigger points are a manifestation of fear, trying to please others, being
too responsible, having stressful thoughts, etc.

Oh yes – absolutely. me too. I found the best way to deal with all of this was a double ‘attack’. Both emotional and physical at the same time.

Have you ever considered the guaifenesin protocol for fibromyalgia? Guai is a skelatal muscle relaxant and one doctor recommends it for fibromyalgia because he thinks it clears phosphate out of the body, and this relieves fibro.

I think it allows cumulative, progressive relaxation in muscles when the person isn’t able to do this – even in stressful situations. As the muscles relax, the metabolic wastes and stress chemicals stored in there start to release and this makes muscles more sore for a while. As chemicals and wastes are released and cleared from the body, relaxation becomes easier and easier (this is what I believe based on my own experience – no doctor has ever confirmed this) . I found guai very helpful.

Another thing I can recommend is for you to get a bigger ball. I have one that is a toy, but bigger and harder than a tennis ball. I have a picture of it on my best self-massage tools page. Sometimes I just lay on it. I also have a bigger spongy one that I have put in my stomach and just layed on. There are also miracle balls that work great for muscular relaxation and can kind of train you into relaxation. see them at or at amazon

These days I am experimenting with fasting and a raw diet and apple cider vinegar. I did low carb for a while and that was helpful but I feel an urging to move on.

So, I wish you the very best of luck. I had thousands of trigger points – sometimes hundreds in just one muscle. I worked and worked and worked my muscles. and it was daunting, but very worth it … oh wait, I have two more things to recommend. supported child’s pose, and yoga. I have gotten my husband into yoga. we do a tape at home every morning, and it’s helping him tremendously with sore back.

I have this dvd and it is so gentle and aewsome. yoag is another way to allow old energy to flow. I like it better than progressive relaxation because the poses keep my mind quiet, and when my body is done and kind of ‘wrung out’ it is easy to relax. If you get it, all the sequences are good but I like the anger one (especially if I am angry) and I like the weight loss one because it is very gentle and good for fibro and sore muscles and the rheumatoid arthritis one.

And I can also recommend the book the Sedona Method, for learning how to ‘release’ emotions, and anything by Byron Katie to get over some of your fear and find clarity. Emotional Clearing by Ruskin (I think) was also very good for me in the early years. And You Can Feel Good Again is a stellar book for helping you learn to dismiss thoughts that aren’t serving you.

goodness, that’s a lot. sorry to bombard you with so much stuff that I think will help you, but this is everything that has helped me over the last 6 years. And I promise you that you can feel good. I really do and I wish this for you :) Lisa

p.s. email me with any questions, and if you give me permission I’ll put your question (without your personal info, of course) on my website so maybe it can help someone else. These are really authentic feelings and issues that no one talks about and I think it’s about time someone does :)


1. Being sensitive is a wonderful thing. Our culture makes it seem like a curse, but I have a feeling that it is my sensitivity to emotion that allowed me to claw my way out of the hell I was in. Many people will never be so lucky in this lifetime. my son is extremely sensitive to emotion (he’s 6) and what’s good about it is that he feels and displays incredible joy on a daily, hourly basis. I mean unbelieveable joy. he’s awesome.

2. heat – in the early days heat was a godsend to me. Have you ever seen the thermacare packs? put one of those on a muscle for 8 hours and it will end up like jelly. :) I also had a big heat pack I could put in the microwave, but the sustained heat ones work better.

3. I am now taking apple cider vinegar for internal health – I wonder if I had taken it in the begininning if it would have helped me. probably. look it up, see what you think.

… and one more thing, you may want to sign up for my list (at the very top) and when you do you will get my supplements book – some of this may be caused a deficiency. I just read some good stuff about magnesium.

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