Ice for Fibromyalgia Pain?

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ice and fibromyalgia

I had a company contact me today and ask to put some advertising on my website.

They sell Ice wraps.

The representative said “I’m sure it won’t surprise you that many of our customers are fibromyalgia sufferers”

Actually, that surprised me quite a bit, so I thought I would share my opinion on using ice for fibromyalgia pain.

It’s a bad idea if you ever want to cure fibromyalgia.

Here’s why. It REDUCES circulation to the area that it is applied to, and honestly, I think reduced circulation is a huge part of fibromyalgia pain in the first place, so applying ice will essentially make things worse.

Sure, it may dull the pain in the moment, but it can’t help heal anything.

My intent, when I had fibromyalgia, and I discovered I could make it better with stretching and trigger point massage was always to FEEL BETTER in the long run, not just the short run. My intent now that I am cured is to help others cure it too, and not just feel better for a little bit.

So I never recommend ice. It doesn’t have the ability to increase circulation like heat does. When you stretch and do trigger point massage you are also increasing circulation.

heat wrap for fibromyalgia pain That’s why I like heat. It makes whole muscle groups looser and increases circulation to the area.

Heat always helped me. I used to take a big microwave activated heat pad and put it on my back every night – like this one

Just recently I found a horrible trigger point on my stomach and rubbing it with my fingers made me feel like I wanted to puke for hours afterwards – so I just rubbed it really lightly and then I applied heat.

It went away in just a few days.

I didn’t like to use that pack during the day – because it would sometimes make me feel tighter after I stopped using it, so I liked thermacare during the day.

thermacare Those things are awesome. They last for 8 hours and can go almost anywhere on your body. I know they helped me cure fibro.

You can sometimes find decent deals online for them, but I like to get them from rite aid and walgreens – I watch the sales on them and then buy in bulk.

I have a whole cabinet full right now actually cuz I haven’t needed any in a while.

Also, if you go to the website and click on special offers you can get a one time $3 coupon.

So, that’s my views on hot and cold for healing your muscles and fascia.

I never rotate hot then cold, hot then cold either. I know some people recommend that. I never found it helpful.

I only use cold within 24 hours of an injury.

Even when I fell on the ice 2 years ago and hurt my knee really badly, I just used cold for a few hours, and then I
went straight to heat.

What do you think about heat or cold for fibromyalgia pain?

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10 thoughts on “Ice for Fibromyalgia Pain?

  1. My sister has suffered with fibromyalgia for many years. Unfortunately, I can’t get her to research her condition on the Web, but I can tell her about the ThermaCare heat wraps, stretching and trigger point massage. Thanks for a very informative post.

    I sleep on an electric warm blanket every night of my life! Summer or Winter, it does not matter. Otherwise my muscles are so stif the next morning, I can hardly move.
    I have Fibro very bad for the past year. Basically bedridden because of it. My life was in chaos last year and on top of that my dad got sick, heart-failure, and it was hospital in and out and I had to take care of a 120kg man. And then he died. He was my best friend, I could tell him anything, even woman stuff! He handled all my admin affairs to take stress away from me, because of fibro. 2 days after his funeral , my body gave in. 1 month I spend in hospital and after that its just me and my bed. So the warm blanket is on 24hours , 7 days a week on its warmest setting to help lighten the pain. When it gets colder, or the electricity goes off for some reason (I live in South Africa), I still lay in the bed that was just hot, but I feel I can die of the cold sinking into my body

  3. Thanks for the info on ice…and I can honestly say I”m glad it doesn’t help as the thought of putting ice on my joints is enough to make my eyes water!! My joints are always so cold and stiff, even in the warmer weather. I like Liezl’s idea of the electric blanket, but I’m not sure my husband would go for that one!! (Sorry to hear of your loss Liezl) thanks for all the posts Lisa, I do find them helpful.. I wouldn’t say my fibro is as bad as some of your fers as I do manage to hold do full time Managers job as well as looking after my 9 year old daughter (although my husband is great and does his fair share of the housework!) but some days, especailly if I’ve not had time to go for a swim and time to go in the sauna, I could cry in pain. Luckily got a very supportive doctor and just waiting for a referal to a dietician to see if they can help me further, (I’m far from been overweight but since been diagnoised with fibro I’ve suddenly become intolerant to so many foods) but all the info you provide is greatly received. If you have any food tips they’d be great, I’m on a low gi diet now but with the other food intolerances I’m fast running out of ideas what to eat!!
    Keep up your great work for all of us who are still suffering

    • thanks Carol for the comment :) I know how you feel about the food! I am nursing my baby and he has a wheat and dairy intolerance so I can’t eat them, and I eat the same things every day.

  4. Thanks for this very informative post! I love heat & wasn’t sure if I should be using it as much as I do, or if I should use some cold – now I don’t have to wonder. (Makes sense, too, why I’m in pain a lot in the winter).

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