The Best Natural Remedy to Heal and Stop Fibromyalgia Pain and Fatigue

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The absolute best Natural Remedy to Heal Fibromyalgia is: Learning to Deeply and Truly Relax in your Brain and your Body, and practicing this relaxing on a regual basis, and even learning to be relaxed as a new state of being.  This is the best remedy hands down, natural or non-natural.   

Stay with me here, I know what I’m talking about!

This may seem simplistic or hard to believe, but in my body, fibromyalgia was caused by nothing more than a large collection of habits that I had built up over many years that kept me chronically tight, tense, and bracing.  This caused my nervous system to become overactive, and caused my tissues and muscles to not get the oxygen they need and be unable to clear themselves of stress chemicals and metabolic wastes.

  •  This is why Guaifenesin works I believe, because it lets your muscles relax, even if your brain is still in overdrive. 
  • This is why deep-breathing can be effective, because it allows your brain and your muscles to relax. 
  • This is why stretching works too, because the focus that is necessary to stretch a muscle effectively stops the brain from thinking, and when thought stops, muscles naturally can relax.  Plus, the manipulation of the stretching creates looseness and healing in the fascia (cobweb-like covering of all organs, muscles, and tissues in the body).

Here’s one of my very best natural and simple remedies for fibromyalgia pain because it directly releases tension and stress in the body.  This simple exercise has been responsible for much of my healing from fibromyalgia.  In my book on reversing fibromyalgia there are also 12 stretches specifically designed to get your body into an effective state of relaxation and contains 3 physical and several mental exercises that allow relaxation even in typically stressful situations like work. 

So, none of these remedies are instant or even quick-fixes.  You can obtain natural, immediate benefits from an episode of deliberate relaxation but your mind and your body have developed certain habits and attitudes for as long as you have been alive.  Even if you are only 25, that’s a LONG time! 

All of the habits that you have developed are cumulative, so the more that you have been tense or worried, the more your body has had a chance to tighten and store stress chemicals.  Not that it’s your fault – we all do it. 

Learning to relax is also cumulative, and the more you deliberately try to relax and the more your body is in a relaxed state, the more it will become your natural state.  Once relaxation is your natural state, disease will be very rare in your life, and fibromyalgia will be reversed.  This has been my experience – OH, and your life will be much more fun :) .

30 Days to Feel Better From Fibromyalgia is my book on how to feel better fast that anyone should be able to read, even on their worst day!

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