Does Panic Away Really Work? Panic Away Review

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In my opinion, panic away DOES really work for most, and CAN really work for you.

It may not work for everyone, but then nothing can work for everyone, because everyone is different. I like to say there are 1000 different ways fibromyalgia gets started, and I think that is doubly true for panic and anxiety – there are probably millions of ways that panic and anxiety can get started in each individual, and since we are so unique, and our situations are so unique, there are millions of ways that people are able to find relief.

I think that panic away has the best chance of working when you BELIEVE in it – meaning if the author of the program has managed to CONVINCE you that he has the answer for you AND if you are persistent (which you will be more likely to be if you believe in it). If you keep trying, even in the face of a few disappointments (if there are any) then you have the best chance of succeeding with it.

What follows is my take on the program and how I used a variation of it to soothe my panic and anxiety around heights and ferris wheels and high up rides – I did this 3 years ago, and to this day my recovery from these issues still stands.

One month ago I went on my first REAL roller coaster in my life, ever (I’m 37 years old – it was Tremors at Silverwood, and I also went on corkscrew about 20 times with my son. I enjoyed these coasters and did not have any panic or anxious thoughts while on them or standing in line for them.

(I did have a few errant scary thoughts here and there, like “what if the coaster falls off the track” but I was able to brush them aside easily and not continue thinking them. It was like my old mental habits rose up for a second to see if I wanted to go there – I didn’t. :)

5 years ago and even when I was a teenager this would have been unthinkable to me. I am so glad I was able to find relief from this issue that caused me such distress and limited my life for so long. :) I think you can too if you give panic away a chance.

—– actual review follows here

Summary: The Panic Away Program is pure gold.  In 100 years, this is what every doctor and psychiatrist will be taught in medical school about how to empower their patients to eliminate the trauma of painful feelings and emotions and sensations from their lives.  

before I review Panic Away, here’s a bunch about me – but there’s a reason for it, I promise

So, as I write this I am in year 6 of my recovery from Fibromyalgia (a disease I believe is definitely tied to acute and generalized or chronic anxiety and feelings of anxiety).  I feel great 95% or more of the time.  I have tons of energy, I sleep about 7.5 hours most nights and never need a nap or a rest.  My muscles feel wonderfully free and loose.  I’ve taken up yoga and practice normally 6 days a week.  I go, go, go all day and only do things I want to do. I’m happy.  I’m not scared of flying or pain or fear anymore. Life is really good, maybe for the first time ever.

Contrast this with 6 years ago, when I was always tired and sore, and normally mad or frustrated or irritated or resentful and anxious, and the difference is groundshaking to me.

These days, I am very appreciative of fibromyalgia, because those years of pain and fatigue and uncertainty really shook me up and told me in very clear terms that something had to change.

What Exactly Had to Change

Exactly what had to change was my thoughts, some beliefs, my habits of avoiding painful situations, and my habits of coping with and managing my life and my issues. 

What Does This Have to Do With Panic Away

I bought and read Panic Away this month, although I definitely don’t need it anymore.  I bought it because a friend recommended it to me as something that would help the people who read my blog who have anxiety ‘disorders’.  I know that many people who have fibromyalgia are officially diagnosed with anxiety also.

 I truly believe that if a person with fibromyalgia (and many other diseases) and anxiety eliminated anxiety from their lives, they would be 75% or more cured from fibromyalgia (and other diseases) too.

For me, it happened the other way.  I worked directly on healing my fibromyalgia and discovered that the better my body felt and the more I progressed in that manner, the calmer my mind was and the easier it was to dismiss anxious thoughts and feel better right away.

I was never officially diagnosed with any anxiety issues, and if I had been diagnosed with something like that, my issue would have been more anger issues than anxiety issues. I now recognize that many times when I had an anxious thought I would immediately move into an angry thought, so I was stuck in anger rather than fear (most of the time but I definitely had my fair share of fear and anxiety too :)   ) 

I believe anger is always a direct result of dropping into a fearful or anxious thought, and then trying to feel better by getting angry.  There is more personal power in anger than there is in anxiety, and that’s why we go there.  So, even though I outwardly displayed and felt anger, it was all due to anxiety, and this book would have helped me immensely.

As I Read Panic Away, I Recognized my Own Techniques that Worked Wonders for Me

Panic Away teaches the One Move Technique™ and about three years ago, I used my own variation of this technique to completely eliminate a fear of roller coasters and even ferris wheels.  lol.  I had not heard of Panic Away or the technique but I had been working very hard at interrupting my own spiral down into fear and then up into anger and then being stuck there so I had my own ideas of how I could do this.

The county fair was in town and my son wanted to go.  My husband had to work so I had to take my son.  I knew I was going to be scared to go on the rides

I have always been a little bit scared of heights and rides but ever since my son was born I was terrified.  I think it was a mother’s impulse to protect her child from anything scary, blown way out of proportion and magnified by my inability to interupt painful and scary thought processes.  

My fear of being afraid was monumental.  My fear of the scary feelings and sensations that arise in the body at the moments of fear and the aftermath of acute fear were basically keeping me from living any sort of a life.  I only did something if it was safe and there was no chance of me feeling fear.

So, I knew I was going to ride rides (my son was too young to go alone), I knew I would be scared, and I KNEW I wanted to be FREE of this da** fear!  I wanted to enjoy myself!  I wanted to be a normal person who could do anything! 

I developed my plan beforehand.  My plan was that I was going to ride any ride my son wanted to, and I was going to ALLOW all the fear that wanted to come, and I was going to LOVE it.  This bears a bit of a resemblance to the One Move Technique™, but the One Move Technique™ is much more polished, with quite a twist that probably would have been even more effective if I had known it.

So, we got to the fair and started getting on the rides.  We must have rode the ferris wheel 3 or 4 times.  Now, you probably know that a ferris wheel is an extremely sedate ride.  it’s not bumpy or fast in any way.  This is how scared I was of any sort of ride.  I was terrified.  We were on this barely moving ferris wheel and every muscle in my body was clenched and bracing.  Every little movement sent a surge of sensation shooting through my midsection.  When my son got up and sat in a different seat I thought I would die.  lol.  I was in bad shape. 

So, we went on many rides, and the ferris wheel was the calmest one that we were both able to go on and I was really scared.  I kept implementing my plan.  I just let the feelings come.  I never tried to shut anything down or talk myself out of any fear.  I kept saying in my head “I feel you fear, and I love you”  It wasn’t true, but I wanted it to be true.  I wanted to be able to feel something besides fear when I felt fear, if that makes sense.  I wanted to break the cycle and get some breathing room and some freedom from what was going on.

And then at about 30 minutes of this, something happened.  I started to relax.  I started to enjoy myself.  The feelings of fear dissipated.  When they did come they stopped being so scary.  We went on the ferris wheel one last time and I was able to look around and see what there was to see! 

It was so amazingly awesome I could hardly stand it.  The fear just dropped away and what replaced it was joy, and fun, and enthusiasm, and just awesomeness.  I had felt the fear and survived and entered the land of thriving and fun!  I got a glimpse of what children feel when they are at their most exhilerated. 

I could hardly believe the good feelings that started to come to me after the fear fell away.  I was practically ecstatic.  I may have been ecstatic.  I even rode, (by myself because my son wouldn’t go on it), on this huge boat that swung back and forth and made you weightless on the up and downswing.    And I kept wanting to go on it again and again because it was FUN.

Panic Away will Introduce You to this Freedom

Reading Panic Away, I definitely recognize, after having been through my own experiences both with the fair rides and later that year with a fear of flying, that the explanations and the techniques in the book are what is truly needed to free anyone from anxious thoughts and panic attacks. 

Plus, Joe Barry, the author of Panic Away, speaks with an eloquence that I am quite envious of.  He explains his concepts in a way that absolutely anyone can understand.  His clarity is amazing.  There was not one thing he said in the book that I disagreed with (having been through this all on my own) and there are MANY things he said that I recognize as truths pulled right from my own experience. 

You won’t regret getting and implementing these techniques.  And you have so much to gain.

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