Should I Write a Fibromyalgia Kindle Book?

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I am considering writing a kindle book giving my opinions
about fibromyalgia, kind of like the 2 books I have already
written, and like my website articles.

$2.99 seems like a good kindle price. Compared to
my current $12.00 book price, that’s a good deal I think.

My questions to you are:

1) would you buy it? Why or why not.

2) have you bought my current book? (no pressure – just curious
if people who have bought my current book would buy a new
kindle book)

3) if you would buy it, what would you like to see in it.

4) I have also considered an audio book in the past and
a print book. What would be your preference:

an audio book, a print book, or a kindle book or would it depend on price?

thanks so much for your feedback!! Lisa

Please leave me a comment below!

here’s what I have gotten via email so far:

audio book 2
kindle book 1
print book 1

plus 1 question about how the new book would be different from what I have already written. here is what I wrote back

Hi Roy, Yes, I still sell my two original books. They were written 4 and 5 years ago now and I have a fresh perspective, plus success stories to share. That is what would be different. Plus, there can always be a different spin – for example, my first book was how I cured fibro. my second book was 30 days for YOU to feel better from fibro, and this last book could be a book combining the two with maybe a different focus – like more on how fascia plays such a huge role in pain. Lisa

and now that I think about it, I think the new book would be title something like : is it really possible to cure fibromyalgia? I have read something recently that has gotten me thinking even more deeply on the subject.

the person who wanted the kindle book also asked this

I would buy a Kindle book because the price is good and I buy most of my books through Amazon.

I would like to see info on other conditions related to Fibro, such as: TMJ, gluten issues and other related food sensitivities. If others felt relief from eliminating night shade foods. Ways to relieve neck pain.

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2 thoughts on “Should I Write a Fibromyalgia Kindle Book?

  1. Hate kindle – I love books that have pages with corners that can be turned down, that can be smelt and touched, a back that can be broken and I can drop on the floor when I am falling asleep!!

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