TMJ and Fibromyalgia; The Connection (and the cure)

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First, let me reiterate that I am not a doctor or pretending to be a doctor. I am mentioning that again because I put in the title of this post the word cure.

I do think (my opinion) there is a “cure” or fix for both TMJ and fibromyalgia and that they both can involve the same things: stretching, trigger point massage, relaxation, reduction of anxiety and tension, possibly guaifenesin. Basically all the things that I talk about in this website and all the things that I’ve been working on for the last 10 years in my own body.

In my opinion and in my experience TMJ and jaw pain are caused by trigger points in the jaw and neck muscles and cheek muscles.

From what I can tell, plenty of people with fibromyalgia have TMJ also.

I have TMJ.

I learned from my favorite book on trigger point massage that I could get my jaw to open all the way without clicking if I got rid of the trigger points in my jaw muscles.

One time, several years ago I spent several weeks massaging my jaw muscles. I did get rid of all of the pain and tension and the clicking but I wasn’t able to keep it away once I stopped the daily self massage of those areas.

The book also says that trigger points in your sternocleidomastoid muscles can contribute to TMJ and those muscles are so overworked that they are super hard to keep free of trigger points.

The book also talks about how trigger points in one area can contribute to trigger points in another – this is a big part of my problem and probably why I wasn’t able to keep those trigger points gone once I stopped the daily self-massage.

So, anyway, two things:

1) I made a video about the TMJ trigger point, if you are interested:

and 2) Do you have TMJ? have you ever found any relief for it, and if so, how?

please leave me a comment! I would love to hear from you. thanks!

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2 thoughts on “TMJ and Fibromyalgia; The Connection (and the cure)

  1. Good advice on TMJ, which is often associated with fibro. I think the biggest contributor to fibro is lack of restorative sleep. Any tips on how to get a good night’s sleep. Thanks.

    • Yes, here’s what I had to do: 1) stabilize my blood sugar (so I didn’t wake up and have to have food), 2) learn to quiet my mind at will (so I wouldn’t start thinking of something and have my brain keep me awake all night, and 3) start yoga and self massage to heal my nerves – otherwise they would feel jangled and on fire and who can sleep through that? I took a bit of benadryl to help me feel sleepy for a long time, but I don’t need that anymore. here’s a really good book on the mind quieting thing

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