What Causes Overactive Nerves in the Body?

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Overactive nerves in the body can be caused by many things, and in my own experience, I would say that my overactive nerves were caused by an overactive mind and a hyper-alert state of being.

(If you need suggestions on how to calm overactive nerves, check here)

This mental state of being caused tension in my body too, and the combination of overactive mind and tense body caused my tissues to fill with stress chemicals and scar tissue and be constantly inflamed. This constant state of inflammation and extreme overwork of my entire nervous system and exhaustion of my adrenals combined to create overactive nerves.

While I was growing up many adults around me were violent and angry much of the time. This put me on constant alert. Unkowingly, I adopted their ways of being; bitter, angry, blaming, resentful, mean, fearful and anxious.

These types of mental states put an extreme toll on the body. Every time I felt angry or resentful or anxious my adrenals were squirting stress chemicals into my bloodstream. My body couldn’t clear all these chemicals out so it was constantly storing them in my tissues, including my nerves and the coverings of my nerves.

Eventually, my body reached a state of constant inflammation that it couldn’t recover from without help, and my brain reached a state of constant overload. All it knew was thinking, thinking, thinking. I would try to think my way out of everything.

Phew. Eventually, I reached a point where I realized I couldn’t go on for one more second the way I had been going. I was falling apart mentally, emotionally, and physically. I had fibromyalgia, constant pain, and a miserable outlook.

That’s when I started looking for ways to calm my nerves and my mind.

I found restorative supplements, stretching, self trigger point massage, what I call emotional sculpting, and guaifenesin.

The stretching, trigger point massaage, and guaifenesin were to calm and heal my body and restore blood supply and healthy tissue to my nerves. The emotional sculpting was to calm my brain and my nervous system.

Things are different for me these days. I’m much happier. My nerves are much calmer. It took me 5 to 6 years to totally figure it out, and I still learn every day, but I was doing it without a map.

Here are specific susggestions on how to calm overactive nerves

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8 thoughts on “What Causes Overactive Nerves in the Body?

  1. hello I am sufferin from extream shaking and sleeplessness for over 20 years now. I have tried everythng I could think of. usuall I sleep only three or four days of the week for 2-5 hours at a time. Recently I have developed body pain to add. A lot of time people develop a supplement to make their money, but they don’t usuall address your underline cause. Is there a supple or medicine that can cure or heal broken nerves. Or something to help retrain your thaughts to heal ther body. Don’t every thing starts with the brain anyway.

  2. sometimes I think about the things that happen in the past. they mostly come up because people don’t let you live it down. So they resurface back to your mind. and then of course I think about all the things I want to do and cannot do. I have forgive, but how does the brain process the fact that people hate and want to make you pay.

  3. Wow Mauree, that sounds like you have to deal with extreme hostility frequently? I agree that living like that could cause you to have overactive nerves. I went through something similar at one point in my life – my mind would wake me up so I could go check windows and doors. :( My mind was always on high alert for much of my life.

    I know that the brain and body can learn a better way – but maybe not while there is sitll an active threat in your life.

    That is one thing I did – I did seek peace and peaceful loving people.

  4. I started using one of those mats that gives you Far Infared heat…there’s a Biomat place where I live and I go there for free sessions. it does wonders to relax me and takes the pain away.

    But my mind is so over active, I believe it’s been this way since I left the military, I was on high alert so much of the time and now I find it hard to relax. I think this is why so many vets have trouble adjusting when they return home.

  5. Hi Bob, that’s awesome that you can get time on one of the mats!

    Yes, I understand the active mind thing. This is what you have to fix. If I can do it, I think anyone can, but I know – it’s not easy. Just practice, practice, practice. Talk to your mind. Tell it thank you, but you want to relax now. dismiss the thought over and over again – as many times as it takes. eventually it will work.

    I was also in the army, though never in combat. although my childhood was very much like a war zone.

  6. I am so glad i stumbled upon this website. I was diagnosed with fibro a few years ago. Saw a rheumatolgist that loaded me up with medication that turned me into a zombie. I lost my job due to being so exhausted and in constant pain. The doctor who diagnosed me didn’t tell me anything. Id ask questions and he was like well that’s fibro, or well that’s degenerative disc disease and just keep loading me up with more medication. I felt scared, alone and confused, because he never had the time to explain what was happening to me! thank god for the internet, and for all those who share this illness. I finally got smart and broke away from traditional medicine and researched and tried different alternative methods of healing. Passionflower is great to quiet the mind, and for nerves that jump out of control :) also flaxseed oil has helped me a great deal. I still have bad days, but my outlook is much brighter not loaded up with unnecessary medications that destroy your internal organs in the end!

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