Why Did I Get Fibromyalgia; What Caused My Fibromyalgia?

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In my Fibromyalgia causes post I stated that I believe that fibromyalgia is caused by the living of life. 

So why do some people get extreme fibromyalgia symptoms at 12, or 22, or 32, instead of normal aging-type symptoms at 60 or 70?  For 3 reasons:

Reason 1 we have fibromyalgia symptoms now:  Big Lives and Active Minds

Because we’ve lived bigger, badder, scarier, or more exciting lives than most people. 

Because we have greater senses of responsibility, because we care more, because we worry more, because we WANT more. 

Because we have done more, used more of our natural resources that we were born with than others, or because a condition that we have uses more of our daily energy than others use. 

I also have run across the idea that people with fibromyalgia tend to be more generally more intelligent and take more upon themselves.  This can work against us in that we tend to take the weight of the world on. 

We are good at solving problems and so we try to solve all problems or fix all things we come in contact with. 

We also train our minds to think, think, think and continuously analyze all aspects of our lives and everyone’s lives we care about.  The problem with this is that we have emotional responses to everything we think about (everyone does), so if we spend a lot of time in ‘problem-solving’ state  … well, that right there is how we get fibromyalgia.

Reason 2 we have fibro symptoms now: We Don’t Take True Time For Ourselves

Because we don’t have a daily practice of renewing our energy and releasing the stress chemicals that others may have – or what we do may be insufficient for our greater needs.  

We don’t have a daily practice of stretching, breathing, tuning into our bodies, relaxing, and calming our minds.  We don’t even KNOW this is important (or at least I didn’t).

My current daily renewal practice is: I get up, stretch immediately for 20 minutes.  Walk for 40 minutes.  Then I stretch again as long as my body keeps telling me it wants to stretch – at least 20 minutes. 

I may stretch more through the day, I may not.  If I spend a few hours at the computer I may feel the need to come home and recover (covered in Chapter 4) and then stretch a bit.

I try to stretch before bed, although I don’t always.  Stretching before bed is really pleasant and can create great gains.

I also am taking yoga classes for about one month now.  They are very challenging, and oh-so healing. 

This practice developed over time and changes frequently sometimes.  There was a time when I was stretching for 2 hours – 1 hour before and 1 hour after my walk, and then more in the evening sometimes.

When I was still healing in a much more profound way I felt the need to stretch much more.  I still feel I am healing every day, but it’s more of a maintenance type of healing – plus getting in those last few hold-out spots, rather than clearing and healing every tissue in my body.

I also pay very close attention to my emotions and how I am feeling.  If I feel tense or upset about anything I address it right away.

Reason 3 we have fibro symptoms now:  A Lack of Trust in Ourselves

Because we have learned to listen to parents, spouses, authorities, doctors, bosses, and ‘research’ rather than our own bodies and minds and spirits on what is best for us in all areas of our lives.  We don’t trust our own bodies and feelings to tell us what we really need and to be able to heal without intervention.

All of This Can Be Relaxed and Reversed

Now, this is actually good news, that what has happened to us now because of the lives we have led happens to most people eventually, and actually appears to be a normal, expected part of aging.

It’s good news because once we figure out how to reverse our fibromyalgia now we can expect to live vibrant, healthy lives long into old age – we will have figured it out!

You will not have to ‘expect’ that as you age you will become inactive and housebound.  You can look at elderly people who can’t get around very well, seemingly just because they are old, and you can think “that won’t be me.”  “I know how to keep my body young!”

What do you think?

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10 thoughts on “Why Did I Get Fibromyalgia; What Caused My Fibromyalgia?

  1. Thank you Shelby:) For taking the ENERGY and TIME to share this information with us, for explaining it so well and for the helpful tips. You are a true Angel on Earth.

  2. Im in tears cause this too is me. Im having such a hard time excepting this diagnosis as they have been saying off and on RA………..for years! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you!
    I’ve suffered with pains for years, stressed & worried continually & have just been
    diagnosed with FM.
    You have given me HOPE!
    I WILL be Pain Free because I will move my body, eat healthily, calm my mind & give myself time & be kind to me!

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